ENTERPRISE INSURANCE MANAGEMENT SYSTEM (EMIS) . Insurance sector in Bangladesh is now emerging gradually with its regular effort of making people’s life easier and safer. Hence, to support this focus of the insurance providers, we have come ahead with our experts with a vigorous technological solution for this sector to speed up the service they provide to general people.

EIMS enables the main insurance business bodies (Underwriting, Co-Insurance, Re-insurance, Claims, Accounts, Payroll, Administration and Human Resources) to disseminate information and interact with each other, over a computer network.

All business data in EIMS is stored on a secured central server database (ORACLE), company departments or remote branches can access or update the central database (on-line) over the computer network during business transactions. Hence, it enables the companies to maintain one consistent and up to date view of their corporate information.

EIMS is split into two main business areas:

Underwriting and related sub-modules

Back office sub-modules

Features of the proposed system:

EIMS Technology Components:​