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COMPANY OVERVIEW: Background and Development

INFORMAX Technology Limited,
started the journey in the world of technology since 2020 in Bangladesh with the focus of establishing the core benefits of Information Technology in a more innovative way to make businesses run smoothly and make itself more compatible technologically with the trend.

We provide vast support directly in Bangladesh and remote sites across multiple continents; so far we have left our footprints globally in Japan, United Kingdom, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. We place our focus on leveraging our infrastructure and fopotprint to support different organizations with rapid deployment and emerging technologies.

Over the years, INFORMAX Technology Limited
has evolved into an advanced solutions provider, focused on serving customers and creating value through long term relationships that we build. We
have established a unique technology oriented strategy to deliver service and support based on our
customer’s needs and budget.

We strive to deliver more efficient, effective and relevant quality services and solutions tailored to the
increasingly complex demands of organizations, in order to boost productivity of operations and to maximize value for our customers.

INFORMAX Technology Limited
also endeavors towards technology that provides a real advantage to a business. The most powerful connection that a business can make is through its stakeholders and we believe in making it stronger.

INFORMAX Technology Limited binds business and technology together.

Our Business

INFORMAX Technology Limited is dedicated to do business in an ethical and sustainable manner to meet the needs of vast range of businesses and industries. Informax Technology Limited’s businesses range from small and medium enterprises to large global enterprises.

We combine our industry knowledge, expertise and best practice with our client’s needs to design and develop tailor-made solutions depending on customer’s requirements. We recognize that people are part of Information Technology and the effective combination of these two, contributes to the success of any business.

Our Vision

INFORMAX Technology Limited’s vision is to become the first and foremost choice for solutions, regardless of the industry. We want to empower and unleash the thinking of our customers.

Our Mission

INFORMAX Technology Limited’s mission is to build long-term relationships with our customers, to provide exceptional services that exceed expectations, by pursuing business through innovation, advanced technology and adding value. Deploying expert resources is not the only focus, for us bringing pioneering changes with these resources is the biggest objective to achieve our estimated goals.

Our Values

Integrity: Integrity is the core value that guides all our actions and decisions.
Customer Experience: We strive to deliver excellence to our customers in every step.
Teamwork: We value each member of our team and believe that only with dedication and team spirit can we beat any challenges.
Innovation: Innovation is the cornerstone on which we build our success and future moves.


Contact Information

Tel: +88017 11 065316
E-mail: info@informax-bd.com
Web: https://informax-bd.com

Company Address

Address: Unit: H-1, Asadullah House, 5/1 (2nd Floor),
Block: E, Lalmatia, Dhaka – 1207

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E-mail: info@informax-bd.com
Web: https://informax-bd.com